Meet Kimi Cole

When my life took a major turn in 2009, it became apparent that many concepts I had long taken for granted, such as assuming that people are usually treated fairly, could disappear in an instant for anyone appearing to be “different” than the surrounding norms.

Complaining has never been part of my makeup—WORKING to make improvements is a motivator that wakes me up every day, and keeps me going, even in the face of challenges and obstacles. Sometimes we just need to push back one more time than we get pushed on, to make it clear that every one of us is a fully human spirit, and that we should all be able to expect equitable treatment in all aspects of our lives.

The first step was to start volunteering—for every opportunity that came to my attention. Not only did I meet some absolutely amazing people, but also realized how wonderful it was to associate with active, forward-thinking groups and organizations.

Political progress must accompany developmental progress, in the forms of outreach, education, and collaboration–but the questions were, where and how to get involved? I figured everyone makes such choices by thoroughly reading the platforms of the major political parties, and determining where our values most closely align, right? With that in mind, and no personal experience with political divisions or those who register more for business expediency or convenience of association, than for core beliefs, I firmly concluded I aligned most closely with Democratic values, such as consideration for others, the belief in the value of all lives, and the importance of working together for the most positive benefits for all.

Reality immediately set in—not only did I quickly discover how many differing and opposing opinions exist in the current political climate, but also that divisions are often significant, contentious, and progress (for anyone) can be elusive.

As much as I tried to get my feet on various doors, I was passed over by various candidates and campaigns as being too inexperienced or too “different.” That was, until I met an enthusiastic organizer with the 2012 Obama campaign, who put me to work right away. I learned about phone banking, and discovered that, even while some calls may be less than friendly, there were so many more who appreciate the call, the information, or the reminders about voting locations and dates.

When it came to canvassing, my familiarity with the local area quickly revealed that I could most effectively spend my time directing large groups of canvassers. In Douglas County, volunteers knocked on over 5000 doors the final 4 days prior to the 2012 election, and we got more votes for Obama than the total number of registered Democrats in the county!

Shortly after that campaign, I was elected to my first term as Chair of Douglas Democrats, and went to work immediately to expand the organization and increase the positive presence of Democrats in our heavily Red county. Regular participation at events and during campaigns has increased tremendously, and we recently had to relocate to a new, larger office space to accommodate all the additional volunteers. The work and growth led to my being elected to serve a third term.

During the time being actively involved with Douglas Democrats, there was also much involvement with the Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus—my heart has always been in rural Nevada, and it’s ben an absolute pleasure and honor getting to know and work with amazing volunteers and county leaders around the state of Nevada.

In October 2017, I added the position of Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus chair to my responsibilities.

It has been, and remains, truly an honor to serve with fellow leaders and volunteers from around Nevada.

A volatile 2018 political environment, combined with significant new volunteer  involvement and enthusiasm, paints an optimistic picture for Democrats to turn the tide on the current backward slide of human rights and overall quality of life for many Americans.

So, what’s next? Stay tuned as several options are being actively explored!

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