My campaign for Chair of Nevada State Democratic Party

Driving my campaign for Chair of Nevada State Democratic Party is a strong belief that candidates running for offices or positions that will affect specific locations or regions should engage those constituents, to learn of specific needs or challenges in the areas to be represented. As March 4 election day approaches, to say recent weeks have been busy would be a gross understatement. 
Recently I spent time in southern Nevada, speaking to Clark County Democrats, Red Rock Democrats and Southwest Dems, as well as receiving a very warm welcome in Pahrump to address Nye County Democrats. I also met with key southern Nevada leaders to discuss specific plans for moving the State Party forward.
The following week I spoke to Washoe Democrats and this coming week I’m scheduled to meet enthusiastic groups of Democrats in Elko and Humboldt counties.
The dynamics and personalities of each group are as delightfully unique as the different areas themselves. 
Each place I speak, I outline plans to offer greater political support and recognition to rural counties, by making tools available to better support progressive candidates and ideas. The proposals do not require detracting from support already enjoyed by larger cities.
I also discuss plans to promote much greater engagement by regional and statewide political candidates, with mutual benefit for rural constituents and elected officials alike.
None of this would have been possible without the amazing support of Douglas Democrats, who remain near and dear to my heart.
With deepest appreciation,
Kimi Cole

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