Seeking Slightly Used DeLorean?

If I wasn’t hibernating and simply dreaming it all, I believe the United States recently had an election (or was it many elections)?

There was what seemed like an interminable lead-up to “The Day”, complete with great passions on both sides of major issues and supporting different candidates.

What actually happened during the past year and a half? I have many opinions, but I’ll just share a few:

  1. In actual lapsed time, I aged chronologically 1.5 years (although, arguably, I feel like I gained more like a decade.)
  2. In a referendum, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Ahh- to Brexit or to Bremain- certainly that must be the question? Or, at least, a question?
  3. NASA’s Juno spacecraft entered orbit around Jupiter, beginning a 20-month survey. Or was that the Jupiter spacecraft entering orbit around Juneau? I’m not totally sure- perhaps I’d better check with some of my Alaskan friends.
  4. North Korea got a bit rowdy and decided to make a big boom, to the consternation of their southern counterparts. And many other counterparts around the world, for that matter. That part of the globe, thankfully, has not fallen off. Yet
  5. 4-letter organizations, implementing 4-letter caliber actions, wreaked havoc around the world, either causing (or claiming to cause) responsibility for a swath of global atrocities and concerns. My thoughts regarding these actions may even have been expressed using four-letter words.
  6. Worthy organizations, striving for worthy causes made some gains, while experiencing blowback of unexpected consequences of their sometimes less than strategic deployments. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Any change can be scary, depending on perspective, and I think it should be part of all our consciences to at least understand that sometimes, when we get something we want, it’s not something everyone wants. We can talk. We can collaborate. We can negotiate. But then we should also consider accepting the outcomes of what we talked about, collaborated on, negotiated on, or to start the process over.

None of that changes that what has happened has happened, right or wrong, according to one’s perspective, and that the only practical medium for change rests in the future.

I’m thinking our time might be better spent seeking answers to today’s issues, rather than fantasizing about finding solutions through a ride in a magic DeLorean.

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